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Hello Folks,

Reid from Fast Yeti Tees here -- I've got some big news for 2020. On February 18th of this year, we'll be officially re-branding as Fast Yowi Tees.

A “yowi” (pronounced “yow-weee”) is a reference to the legendary “Australian bigfoot” who has adapted to the outback with a “sixth toe”, rendering him fast.

I'll maintain ownership at the same location with the same crew, so there will be no changes to our operations. We will be launching a new website this spring that will allow for online ordering, checking stock, and instant quotes.

So, why rebrand?

Yeti Coolers, LLC filed a lawsuit against Fast Yeti Tees in the Western District of Texas in July, 2019 over an objection regarding our use of the term “yeti.” The dispute has been amicably resolved and a confidential settlement agreement has been reached.

Yeti Coolers, LLC authorized us to issue the following statement regarding the situation:

[In 2013] we founded our screenprinting and embroidery business as Fast Yeti Tees.

Yeti Coolers, LLC objects to our use of 'yeti' as an infringement of Yeti Coolers, LLC's trademark rights.

After a careful assessment, we determined that we do not wish to allocate the time, energy, and resources required for an uncertain legal proceeding, and decided to settle instead.

Therefore, in the best interests of our employees and all of our families, we have agreed to cease use of ‘yeti' and put this episode behind us.

While this shift was of course not originally part of our business plan, as a staff, we are very excited about the change and looking forward to serving Columbia's custom apparel needs in 2020.

We've got a lot of fun marketing ideas in the works and plan to have a big rebrand blowout party this March.

We very much appreciate all of our customers and all of your support over the years. Here's to FAST YOWI in 2020!


Reid Lyle & the Fast Yowis

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